Your retail operation at digital speed

New generations of consumers want things when and where they want them, at a competitive price. Gopanza offers a unique AI powered retail platform for on-demand customers. We provide shoppers the convenience of an in-store experience through a mobile and desktop experience, with the ability to either pick up their orders or get them delivered at their doorstep.
Drive purchase frequency

Alert your customers about special offers or remind them to restock on frequently purchased items. We enable Re-ordering in under 3 minutes!

Engage with your users

Reach out to your audience before they set foot in your store and keep them connected through personalized messaging, push notifications, and emails. Create smart discounts tailored to your consumers’ needs.

Increase order value

Gopanza uses artificial intelligence improve searchability and product discoverability. Upsell and cross sell to consumers’ by understanding their shopping patterns.

Analyze shopper trends using artificial intelligence

Gopanza gathers and provides all of your users' purchase data, so you can better understand different consumer segments.

Case Study: Econo ToGo

See how the biggest supermarket chain in Puerto Rico acquired new customers, increased sales, and improved their entire fulfillment process with the help of the Gopanza Platform.

Team behind Gopanza

Yamille Morales

CEO & Founder

Stephan Elías Remy


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